The bindings are one of the most expected things for the freeline skates, In the last weeks we have distinguished them in videos where some freeliners did with them quite spectacular jumps and some figures in the bowl. But we do not know exactly how they will be. It's commented about a new generation offor the freelines, but what it means? Will be them changed to be adapted to the bindings or the bindings will be adptables to the skates? At the moment we don't have more information, it is expected that they will be adapted to the current freeline since for all those we already havethe freelines as it was commented in Ryan's letter, and we supose that them will be a cheap accessory for the freelines. All this reflection started for the photo that you can see next, where appear a bindings that holded on to the skates through a nut in the base can be noticed. Will they be the official bindings, a prototype, some home fixations? At the moment we will have to wait...

Did anybody know it? Here is the freeline skates van , it's not something very impressive but at least the community of freeliners has a van. curious, isn't it?

0'16" - Freeline Skates in Ludwigshafen, Germany

0'53" - Kasia´s First Freeline Experience

0'47" - MK´s first freeline experience

First day of testing the new Freeline Skates, first time on any skates!

0'09" - Matt the Freeline Man

Matt loves his "freeline skates". This sample run was in Billings, Montana where he was attending his cousin's wedding reception.

2'22" - Freeline Skating in Mülheim by Muni4Life

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