Freeline skates are getting every day bigger in the skate world, so now you can find them in the wikipedia. What do you are going to find there?

Freeline skates [wikipedia]: are a kind of skating apparatus ridden like a Snakeboard or Freebord. The skates are not connected to each other and do not have a board, instead relying on the body of the rider. They slightly resemble a skateboard chopped in half with the wheels placed single file behind each other The wheels are angled in such a way that the user's swaying motion moves the skates in a forward direction. This can be used to propel the rider on uphill slants and the skates being independent is a great advantage when carving tight turns that a skateboard couldn't achive.[1]

Freeline skates are only made by their originating company, "Freeline Skates, Inc."

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